Friday, 16 December 2011

Highlights of recent reviews

Khandelwal’s account is riveting for every middle class Indian with aspirations
but no godfather to promote him. More importantly, he shows that doers can
get results even in a public sector setting.

- Business Today

Dare to Lead is an interesting autobiographical work. This book is a frank,
passionate and often emotional account. Recommended study.

- Business Line

Yet another book on banking worth reading ……a lesson for all bankers in the
public sector.

- Mint

Dare to lead must be read and reread by leaders who want to transform their

- Money Life

The most valuable take away from this book is an insight into the very nature
of leadership – what separates the winner from the also-rans.

- Harmony

The book has innumerable pearls of wisdom.

- Outlook Money

This book is remarkable for its authentic blend of history of public sector
banking in India. With so much action packed between the book’s sturdy but
light covers, it is not difficult to envisage a ‘major motion picture’ soon.

- The Smart Manager

Dare to Lead is a book definitely worth reading.....what is remarkable about
this particular makeover is that the bank in question is a PSB having legacies
built over a century.

- Business India dtd 18th Sept 2011

Dare to lead is an extraordinary tale of a visionary leader. The transformational

success saga is a must read for leaders, game changers and future managers on
the value of intangibles for business success.

People Matters dtd Sept 2011

A bible on transformation

- PRAJNAN, Journal of Social Science National Institute of Bank Management.

A must read for leaders

- Bank Quest, Journal of Institute of Bankers.

Read Dare to Lead, it will charm you and make you wiser.

- Leadership Excellence.

It is the story of a man with conviction and Leadership. A must read for CEOs,
professionals, academicians and researchers and all those who Dare to lead.

- Gitam Journal of Management, GITAM University

A story from rags to riches! A story from ordinary to extraordinary! A story of
swimming against tied with tied hands! A story of a rising sun!

- Business Manager

Saturday, 30 July 2011

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